The Opportunity in Obstacles

Chanting is a powerful way to still the mind and open our inner space for wisdom to be revealed. Like many people throughout the world, I find profound benefit from this meditative practice. After a recent session of chanting the mantra “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha” which calls upon the energy of Ganesha, the remover of… read more

Detoxifying Our Relationships

It is always refreshing to hear someone else’s insight – especially from someone with deep wisdom – on things that relate to aspects of our daily lives. This occurred for me when ORGANIC INDIA recently sponsored a COLORAMA event with Dr. Vasant Lad , BAM&S, MASc from the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. As a… read more

Life Moves Us

Somewhere from deep within, we are moved. Somewhere, from deep within, we speak. From this inner place, we never have to question what is appearing or what is the right action in our lives. It is all just right, even though it may not make sense to the mind. The mind only sees part of the… read more

Herbs Help Us to Optimize Metabolic Pathways

Healthy metabolism, which is the sum of chemical reactions of enzymes that transform one thing into another, is absolutely essential for life to go on. With the epidemic of metabolic challenges we are facing now we need all the help we can get to optimize metabolism, and herbs are great allies to support us here… read more

Using Ghee Triphala, Bael and Psyllium to Support Colon Dells

Key to true wellness is colon health and key to this is well fed, healed, vibrant, clean colon dells. I was going to say “colon cell” but then I realized that “colon dells” is more appropriate, as in a whole landscape, an ecology filled with all the right elements in their right order, no more… read more

Five Ways to Ensure Restorative Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for so many reasons. Without it, we notice some symptoms on the surface – a foggy mind, lack of energy and fatigue. But missing out on deep, restorative sleep can also impact digestion, hormones, stress response, and more. Read on for five ways to ensure you get the sleep… read more

Ghee is a Safe and Effective Way to Support and Optimize Pregnancy

Choosing the right diet during pregnancy can seem to be tricky, but know that for millennia in several major health traditions, Ghee has been part of that choice. Ghee Supports All Phases of Becoming an Empowered Parent For many reasons Ghee is great food to: Prepare the “womb and seed,” the mother and father before… read more

ORGANIC INDIA’s Spices are Pure, Potent, and always Tested for Salmonella

Today the New York Times released an article stating that spices from India are a potential source of Salmonella.This is in fact, one of the reasons why there is an ORGANIC INDIA! In the early 1990’s, high quality, organic, pathogen-free herbs were a rarity in India. ORGANIC INDIA was founded to resolve this problem, and… read more

Optimize your Genetics with Ghee

What is epigenetics you may ask? Well, we have our genes, our genome, the genetic code that has the instructions to make sure we are humans and not oaks. But then we have our phenome, which are the instructions on how those instructions are read and then manifested. Epigenetics is how Your Genes are Expressed… read more

The Coherence of Excellence

What would you think is the most important and powerful facet of wellness and longevity? Diet? Exercise? Herbs? Relationship? Mind? Environment? Spiritual practice? Yes, I agree, all of these are very important, however, there is something greater than this, literally, and by definition, greater than even the sum of these. In this article I would… read more