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Herbs Help Us to Optimize Metabolic Pathways

Healthy metabolism, which is the sum of chemical reactions of enzymes that transform one thing into another, is absolutely essential for life to go on. With the epidemic of metabolic challenges we are facing now we need all the help we can get to optimize metabolism, and herbs are great allies to support us here in many ways:

  1. Herbs contain the enzymes required or can trigger the body to make or release the enzyme. Katuki is effective for the liver while Trikatu and Tulsi accomplish this with digestion.
  2. Herbs can help to optimize the general terrain of the physiology and thus help hold space for the best metabolic path. Chyawanaprash, Turmeric, Triphala and Tulsi are excellent at systemically promoting the space most suitable for this.
  3. Herbs can supply the micro-nutrition of co-factors required so that the body can take the best metabolic pathway as possible to create the healthiest tissue and functions. Amalaki, Moringa and Turmeric are champs here.

The Importance of Metabolic Co-Factors

Our bodymind is constantly in the process of creating new molecules to support every structure and function. For instance, it is constantly creating collagen to renew the skin and bones and other essential structures. By having the right “raw materials” present then the optimal metabolic pathway is most likely to occur and the new molecule as well as the tissue and organ it is a part of will more likely support our wellness.

Part of that shopping list of right raw materials would include co-factors that assist the process somewhere along the way. You can take a big stack of lumber and transform it into a house but you will need co-factors including hammers, nails, lunch, permits, friends, etc. In the same way, for our body to create all the hundreds of thousands of constituents required for its anatomy and physiology to function properly, it needs co-factors, and herbs are loaded with them.

Co-factors tend to be Micro-Nutrition and not Macro-Nutrition

Macro-nutrition is the bulk basics like starches, fats and proteins, while micro-nutrition is the vitamins and minerals and active phytochemistry, like bioflavonoids. Beans and grains and oils give the macro-nutrition but not much micro-nutrition, which tends to come much more from vegetables and herbs. This is why in many traditional diets, like India, you will get the bulk basics, like rice and beans, but you will also get those basics in the context of dozens of wonderful herbs and spices and then served along two or three fresh chutneys made out of micro-nutrition powerhouses like parsley and coriander leaves.

Of the 18 Metabolic Pathways only 1 is Optimal

Want a new fence in your front yard? There are many ways to do it including using brand-new durable redwood boards fastened with high quality German screws, or you could simply scavenge old stray random boards out of a junk pile and tie them together with twine. In either case a fence is made but in the first case its “fenceness” is much more robust than the twine tied trash option.

Due to evolution, where our species may have been in situations where very limited food was available, our bodymind has become capable of creating the structures and molecules that our body needs by using a wide variety of ingredients and co-factors, which in each case represent a different metabolic path that renders varying qualities of results. That 18 that I wrote is arbitrary, but you get the idea. If we give our body a wide array of the micronutrients as found in herbs, then that increases the probability that the bodymind can use the optimal metabolic path to create these precious vehicles of life that we are. Optimal here means the process that takes the least amount of energy while giving the highest quality results.

Amalaki’s Bioflavanoids could be the Cofactors your Skin has Been Dying For

To create the collagen that is a building block for most of our body, from our skin to bones to ligaments, we need sufficient vitamin C, and for that vitamin C to be truly effective it needs to be taken with bioflavonoid co-factors. So if you get your vitamin C from a pill made in some factory in China where most synthetic vitamins come from, then that collagen will not be nearly as high quality as when you consume natural organic vitamin C from Amalaki, which is absolutely loaded with both vitamin C and its bioflavanoid cofactors.

So if you are wondering why your collagen is low quality, for instance you see that your skin is getting wrinkles, then audit your diet and find out if you are getting the cofactors required.

While all herbs tend to have hundreds of different phytomolecules, and many of them can be used as co-factors, per se, there are some herbs like Turmeric, Nettle, Moringa and fresh coriander and parsley that are especially useful in this way.

Each and every process is like this, hoping for the best co-factors but settling for less, and then getting some semblance of the job done. After all, the show must go on.




Using Ghee Triphala, Bael and Psyllium to Support Colon Dells

Key to true wellness is colon health and key to this is well fed, healed, vibrant, clean colon dells.

I was going to say “colon cell” but then I realized that “colon dells” is more appropriate, as in a whole landscape, an ecology filled with all the right elements in their right order, no more and no less!

dell |del|
noun literary
a small valley, usually among trees: lush green valleys and wooded dells.

If we think of our colon and its cells as a dell, as a biota, as a terrain of wellness as complex as that of a dell with all its birds and trees and winds, an ecosystem whose wellness is the basis of ours, then perhaps we will spend more time taking of it.

Of course, a description of how we can take care of this dell will take more than just a single essay, and so for now I want to point out just a few facets of a protocol that will help support your colon to be as healthy and balanced as possible.

Reduce Genetically-New Grains

If you have not already done so, minimize any grain whose genetics are not older than 10,000 years. More and more I see this as one of the very most factors of wellness in general, and especially to support colon health, metabolic health and the healthy response to occasional inflammation. Unless a grain can grow outside of the farmer’s fence, then consuming it may be more of a fee than a food.

Protocol: in general minimize grains, and if you must eat a grain, choose genetically-old quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat

Stress Management

Yes, I know that you have heard that a million times, I am sure may people even have stress management programs that are extremely stressful. I am not talking about protocols, I am simply talking about the ability to dissociate any stress-contraction in your mind with an ability to cause a stress-contraction in your colon. Living in India for over a decade I have a lot of experience with treating parasites, and I have noticed that the people who hold their mental stresses in their diaphragm or lower have a far greater chance of generating congestion in their colon, of sending the terrain of the dell into a dark storm. Please do not do that.

Protocol: five minutes of mindfulness in the morning, afternoon and night will change your life


Perhaps the single most important substance to take for the colon is Triphala, a sentiment that I share with billions of people who have used this formula over the last many thousands of years! Such an epic healer and promoter of deep wellness, it keeps the colon dell healthy in dozens of ways, including keeping it clean and flowing. Triphala is non-habit forming.

Protocol: Take 2-4 capsules right before bed to optimize its cleansing actions, and/or 2 capsules upon waking to optimize its strengthening tonic facets.


All the cells in the body live on glucose, except the colon cells which live on butyrate, and ghee is the #1 dietary source of very important short chain fatty acid. Without butyrate your colon cells literally shrivel up and die, and your colon dell starts looking a bit less pastoral and more apocalyptic, less feast and more famine. Ghee also adds moist lubrication to your colon, and in our day and age, there is no end to facets of life that will dry our dell out like a drought. Also, ghee is quite good, especially in combination with Triphala, Bael and Psyllium, to clean out the non-water soluble gunk in the colon, which is most of it.

Protocol: One to two tablespoons a day, in warm food, smoothies, or where ever you may use butter or other oils.


Psyllium can support the colon in many ways, not the least of which is to provide the fiber the form the bulk of our feces, and also, provide a second type of fiber that the right intestinal flora can convert into butyrate.

Protocol: Once a week thoroughly mix a tablespoon in a tall glass of warm water, drink it quickly, and then chase that with another large glass of warm water.


For years in India I tried to support the colon wellness of hundreds of tourists, travelers, yogis and dharma bums, and from those days I have a close affinity for Bael as it was often the one thing that would make a person’s tummy feel normal.

Protocol: Best is a smoothie made from the fresh fruit, but much of the chemistry of this nectar is in the Bael leaves as found in ORGANIC INDIA’s Bowelcare formula. Take 2-4 caps at night.


Water with a life force to it if possible, but just a suitable quantity is a good start.

Protocol: There are many estimates, and quantity so varies according to climate and activity, and you can drink too much, but consciously drinking 3-4 tall glasses of water a day is going to be great for you.


Especially exercise that moves your gut and of those, to me there is nothing better than what a western trainer may call “stomach whips” and what Yoga calls Agnisarah.

Protocol: 10 sets of 20 on an empty stomach, bladder, colon and lungs.


Well, may the dells of your colon thrive in increasing vitality like the robust verdant terrain of a high mountain valley.



Five Ways to Ensure Restorative Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for so many reasons. Without it, we notice some symptoms on the surface – a foggy mind, lack of energy and fatigue. But missing out on deep, restorative sleep can also impact digestion, hormones, stress response, and more. Read on for five ways to ensure you get the sleep you need.

Sleep Timing (Paleo Sleep)

Sleep 9-5. OK, 10-6 if you must. I know a lot of people may think this preposterous to even attempt but it could help you tremendously. The reason is that the hours around midnight are the time that the liver tends to regenerate itself. If we are asleep at this time, then our sleep will naturally be doubly restorative; whereas if we go to sleep at midnight or later, then we lose that deeply restorative sleep.

Look at it from a paleo point of view! This is closer to the time that we slept for millions of years, and there is a deep expectation for us to continue this pattern.

Sleep Herbs

Please be careful about taking sedatives or sedative herbs to help you sleep because though this can work sometimes, long-term use will just knock out your ability to deeply rest. It is better to take anti-stress restorative herbs that also help you sleep.  That way when you awake you are doubly restored.  The Ashwagandha in both of ORGANIC INDIA’s Peaceful Sleep formula and the new Tulsi Sleep Tea is an herb that both supports sleep and also supports deep restoration.

Sleeping Space

It may feel that once you close your eyes it does not matter if you are in a perfect zen-like cozy space or if you are in a seriously cluttered space. According to Yoga and Ayurveda, and Feng Shui for that matter, sleeping in a clutter-free space that is used only for sleep and sex will help ensure a deep restorative sleep. Make a sleep temple for yourself! You are so worth it! It is a third of your life after all!

Sleep Position

Another trick that we learn from Yoga, Ayurveda and Feng Shui is that if we sleep with our head to the magnetic South we will increase the depth and restorative facets of our sleep. The reason for this is that we then align to the natural magnetic flows of this good earth, resulting in more time in deeper restorative sleep.  Incidentally, sleeping head to the North is better if you want a more shallow sleep, in the event that you want to practice the yogas of sleep, like Nidra yoga and lucid dreaming, etc.  Thousands of tests accomplished by the Monroe Institute confirm this ancient wisdom.

Sleep Cessation

Again in Yoga and Ayurveda if your transition into the day takes hours before you are really awake then that delay will also diminish the restorative ability of that night’s sleep and also the following night’s sleep. What is advised is to wake up and accomplish a short meditation practice and then “destroy sleep,” as it is termed in the classic texts, by immersion in cold water. Of course, a fresh mountain river is what they often refer to, but in lieu of that, a cold shower will do.

This is especially good for hot intense people, and if you are a more sensitive person then take a normal shower as soon as you can, but then make sure it has a “cold-ending” to it.  “Destroying sleep” with cold water is also far better and restorative than “pushing it back” with coffee or stimulants (if you need a drink to help wake you up try Tulsi Gotu Kola Tea).

I am such a believer in obliterating slumber this way and always try to jump into cold water soon after waking. If I am not near a river or ocean or lake then I simply take a shower without using any hot water. It may be hard to get used to, but then it becomes nectar!  Mind and spirit and life force and intelligence snap to attention when you do this.  And I simply like being awake when I am awake!

It reminds me of the Zen Master saying,

“When I eat, I eat, when I sleep, I sleep.”

Of course this insight has many meanings, but to limit sleep to sleeping, and not let it “leak” into the rest of the day tends to establish sleep as sleep and that is simply more restorative.

People, we, as a culture, as a collective mind, could really use more restorative sleep. Bonne nuit, my friends!  Sweet Dreamlessness!


Ghee is a Safe and Effective Way to Support and Optimize Pregnancy

Choosing the right diet during pregnancy can seem to be tricky, but know that for millennia in several major health traditions, Ghee has been part of that choice.

Ghee Supports All Phases of Becoming an Empowered Parent

For many reasons Ghee is great food to:

  • Prepare the “womb and seed,” the mother and father before conception
  • To support a healthy pregnancy
  • To support birth and the perinatal phase of the mother and child
  • To support the mother during lactation
  • To support both mother and father in restoration and strength

Ghee: Used for Millennia to Support Birth

Ghee’s nourishing, protective and purifying properties are traditionally used in the Ayurvedic monthly pregnancy protocols, long ago laid out by the great sages. Ghee, milk, honey, rice, dates and herbs like Shatavri and Moringa, sometimes all together in dishes redolent of kheer (rice pudding) and/or kitcheree (simple beans and rice cooked together with spices), can be great for the expectant mother to ensure her strength, calm, detoxification, and prepare her for lactation.

Turmeric and Ghee is a Famous Pre-Birth Tonic

According to ancient traditions a mother consumes Ghee during pregnancy, and also takes extra Ghee in hot milk with a little Saffron, Turmeric and honey during the last few weeks of pregnancy to ensure a healthy delivery of a strong and smart child (Ghee feeds the child’s brain at that point) and to minimize birth traumas.

Restoring the Mother after Birth

A serious challenge for mothers is to recover the core vitality that is drained from them by birth. Ghee can also support us in that process of restoration, especially when taken with tonic herbs like Licorice, Shatavri, Guduchi, Ashwaganda, Angelica, SalamPanja, Safed Musli, etc.

Of all the ways that a woman can experience a draining flux on her deep-energy reserves, childbirth is certainly one of them, as she literally gives a large portion of her life force to this being.

Let’s Not Forget the Father

In the classic model of an atom, an electron orbits the proton and neutron in the nucleus. It is like the proton and neutron are hugging incessantly, and the electron is just watching this from a distance. This is often how a father can feel for years when after birth the mother and child, who once were one, only slowly differentiate into two separate beings.

Taking care of the caretaker, the father in this case, is key. If we keep the father strong and smart and stress-free with adaptogens like Ghee and Ashwaganda in his diet then the whole family will be supported and protected by his strong stable clear masculinity. Else a stressed father can be less of a champion for his family, and conversely, more of a challenge. We absolutely have to support the father to ensure he keeps a major role in his family’s well-being.

A Wonderful Source of Authentic Traditional Knowledge

Websites like basically plug you directly into ancient wisdom traditions. I recommend you checking it out!

All the best,



Optimize your Genetics with Ghee

What is epigenetics you may ask? Well, we have our genes, our genome, the genetic code that has the instructions to make sure we are humans and not oaks. But then we have our phenome, which are the instructions on how those instructions are read and then manifested.

Epigenetics is how Your Genes are Expressed

Imagine if you had a huge cookbook with all the recipes and instructions to make every soufflé possible. All those instructions together would be the soufflé genome. However, you knew some tricks to make an extra-amazing soufflé, like little changes in heat and/or in the timings, so when you went through the instructions, you decide to skip a few steps and add some of your own that you had written in the border of the page. The instructions are the same, but the specific way how those instructions are “carried out” are the phenome, or sometimes called the epigenome. And if you do it right, you make the best soufflé you can possibly make.

For more information on epigenetics please see the article I wrote on this topic.

Positive Epigenetics is Perhaps the Single Most Important Wellness Facet

To some extent, generating positive epigenetics is the most important facet of wellness. We want to create positive epigenetic events, and there ways to this, including using certain herbs like Tulsi, Ginger and Turmeric. Science has recently recognized that Ghee and Butyrate are two of the more positive epigenetic substances, which totally makes sense. One of the ethnopharmacological “heralds” of this in the ancient traditions is when an herb or food is pronounced to radically support longevity. To live a long and healthy life your bodymind has to continually be making positive epigenetic choices to counteract the effect of aging on our genetics.

And my friends, one of the coolest things here is that you pass your epigenome down to your kids! So if you really take care of yourself, you pass a better collection of gene expression to them. Your choices in your life can change your bodymind at the genetic level, but they can help evolve the human species. It is a very sweet gift to give your children.

Only True Ghee is Ghee

When I mention Ghee here, remember, I am referring to ‘True Ghee” only, meaning the ghee made in small artisan-like batches by simmering the butter churned from the yogurt or the milk of free-range drug-free cows that consume a diet of organic grass and wild herbs. My friends, there are several examples of “industrial Ghee” on the market in both India and the USA that are simply not Ghee and are not useful for anything that I mention here.

Research Shows that Ghee Supports Positive Epigenetic Changes

One set of researchers have said (paraphrased here because we can’t mention anything about disease on per a law called DSHEA enforced by the FDA, so bear with me. Basically I have re-written it in terms of wellness instead of in terms of disease):

To counter the age-related biases and support healthy blood sugar, healthy heart and healthy cellular life/death cycles we must support healthy epigenetic modifications, where accumulation of minute changes in the epigenome over time leads to the maintenance of wellness. Epigenetic changes are influenced by life style and diets. This represents an avenue whereby dietary components could accelerate or prevent age-related diseases through their effects on epigenetic modifications. Dietary components, such as the butyrate in Ghee, sulforaphane in Onion family foods, and the curcumin in Turmeric, have been shown to positively enhance epigenetic changes, and their health benefits are attributed, at least in part, to epigenetic modifications. Given the decades that it takes to accumulate epigenetic changes, it is unlikely that pharmaceuticals could undo epigenetic changes without side effects. Therefore, long term consumption of dietary components that can alter the epigenome could be an attractive means of the maintenance of True Wellness. The goal of this review is to highlight the roles of diets and food components in epigenetic modifications.

It is a great, thorough and free article and I recommend that you download it. They showed how the Butyrate in ghee is an extremely important facet of inducing positive genetic change, especially when taken in the context of a diet that is low in starches, having a low glycemicindex, and high in herbs like Turmeric and Green Tea.1

Intuition plus Tradition plus Western Science Conformation

Epigenetics as a concept may be new to you, but the truth is that there is so much common sense here. You know innately what is going to change your life for the better, and these technical articles are just a confirmation of that. I support you merging your intuition with tradition with Western Science confirmation!

What is Truly Good for You is Good for the Planet

I really love to study what creates positive versions of these changes and what creates negative versions of these changes. Sharing this knowledge is a great way to support ‘The People” because invariably what is good for ‘The People” is good for ‘The Planet.”

Thank You and All the Best



  1. Tho X. Pham and Jiyoung Lee; Dietary Regulation of Histone Acetylases and Deacetylases for the Prevention of Metabolic Diseases; Nutrients. 2012 December; 4(12): 1868–1886.

The Coherence of Excellence

What would you think is the most important and powerful facet of wellness and longevity? Diet? Exercise? Herbs? Relationship? Mind? Environment? Spiritual practice? Yes, I agree, all of these are very important, however, there is something greater than this, literally, and by definition, greater than even the sum of these.

In this article I would like to present what I have seen to be the most remarkably magic element of both wellness and of evolution: Coherence; and how the metabolic anti-stress adaptogen Tulsi assists us in attaining this.

What is Coherence?

Coherence is a potentized unified wholeness that arises when all elements of a situation are aligned in a coherent, cogent, lucid and harmonious way such that a whole higher entity or path or state is created, and as I mentioned, one that is greater than the sum of its parts, complete with its own package of possibilities and probabilities.

Here are three examples, the Laser, the Zone, and the Love that will help clarify this incredible phenomenon that I am referring to.

Coherence as Laser

The light coming from a normal household incandescent bulb has many frequencies of light and radiates in many different directions. It is very useful, of course, but is more of a general overlay of a situation, and less of a potent creative and causal force. However, when a knowledgeable person makes a light source where all the power of that light is in the exact same frequency and going in the exact same direction, then we have laser light, which is much more powerful and opens up a vast medley of possibilities and applications.

Coherence as the Zone

Another example of coherence is when an athlete or a whole team enters what is called “the zone,” where they can’t miss a shot, can’t stop stealing the ball, and are simply impossible to defend against as they enter a state that has a flow of potential and probability that is far greater than deemed possible. In fact that state they enter is a flow, a breathtaking articulation of seeming perfection, absolute poetry in motion, a magnificent coherence of excellence.

Coherence as Love

We all have felt it or have seen it, this state of being so in love that we become untouchable by imbalance, that no cough or cold can even think of entering us, the kind of love where our immunity is supercharged, the light radiates from our every pore, our eyes see only what is positive and beautiful, and life pours into us, through us, as us. This kind of coherence, this kind of light can repel even a great crisis.

Understanding these examples helps us not only to understand coherence, but also the secret to igniting coherence into being.

What Elements Need to be in Coherence

So we know that this coherence is the result of various elements of a situation, and we know it can arise spontaneously, but how can we support its brilliant presence when it does not arise without effort? How to create a terrain suitable for this naturally arising? What are the elements that need to be in coherence? What factors need to be balanced? What constituents need to be in this epic empowered ease? What needs to be connected to create that power which shows up as personal excellence, wellness and longevity?

To answer this, let’s look back 3,000 years at the ancient definition of wellness that has been part and parcel to both Yoga and Ayurveda.

The Ancient Definition of Wellness

In the Western mass-centric models of medicine health is considered the absence of disease – health is literally defined in terms of disease. However, in traditional energy-centric systems of medicine the definition of wellness is based on the person’s highest potential:

Sam dosha, samagni, samdhatu malakriyah
Prasannatma, indriyas manah swastha iti abhidayate.
– Sushruta Samhita 24/41

What this basically means is…

Support for Balanced Constitutions

…when the anabolic, metabolic, and catabolic facets of our basic constitutions are balanced.

Though there are many herbs that will keep one of the individual types of constitution in balance, to some extent the best herbs to keep this balance are those that can keep all constitutions in balance. These include:

Tulsi: whose very name means “balance,” and is especially supportive for generating deep balance via the endocrine glands

Triphala: one of the most important formulas to keep balance, especially digestive balance which is clearly extremely important

Bowelcare: helps maintain constitutional balance in the colon

Skin Renew: healthy skin is a result of deep inner balance of the constitution, and each of the three herbs in this formula are excellent adaptogens that together balance all constitutions.

Support for Balanced Metabolism

…when our metabolism is balanced,
not too slow and not too fast,
not congestive and not overly agitated

Supporting healthy metabolism is exceedingly important for coherence and some of the best herbs for this are:

Tulsi: even in ancient myths that refer to the essence of metabolism as a God, in these very myths Tulsi is a friend and ally of these deities, and this connection is clearly proved in the Traditions and confirmed by Western bioscientists

Trikatu: the three herbs in this formula, ginger, black pepper and long pepper all significantly support healthy levels of metabolism via the generation of digestive enzymes, etc.

Triphala: though typically known as a colon cleanser, Triphala’s three herbs balance the three facets and stages of metabolism

Amalaki: this incredible superfruit is one of the best herbs for keeping the metabolism and digestion balanced between being too hot and fast or too cold and slow

Liver Kidney Formula: to the extent that metabolism is based on the wellness of Liver function and healthy blood sugar levels, this incredible formula of Dr. Narendra Singh is nectar for metabolism

Turmeric: anybody who looks into this herb for even a matter of minutes realizes what a potent support of metabolic balance this herb is

Ghee: especially from cows that are fed herbs is a fantastic source of healthy metabolism and traditionally it is said that the essence of metabolic power lives in ghee

Sugar Balance Formula: supporting healthy blood sugar levels is key to supporting healthy systemic metabolism

Support for Balanced Body Tissue

…when all the tissues in our body,
from blood plasma to muscle,
from bone marrow to nerves,
are balanced in their forms and generation

Tulsi: This remarkable herb is one of the best hematopoietic herbs, meaning it is an excellent ally to build blood

Ashwagandha: a classic herb to build solid and enduring muscle mass, reproductive tissue, and nerve tissue

Shatavri: even one of the translations of this adaptogen is to assist the generation of reproductive tissue

Moringa: having the macro-nutrients like proteins and lipids while offering a micro-nutrient profile that surpasses kale, collards and spirulina, this gentle and potent herbal ally supports the healthy generation of tissue so much that around the world it is recommended for pregnancy, the ultimate moment of “tissue” generation

Ghee: for millennia true ghee, made from organic non-grain fed free range cows, has generated a tried and true reputation for generating healthy balanced body tissue

Support for Balanced Flow of Metabolic Waste

…when the flow of metabolic waste,
from lymph to urine to sweat to feces,
is balanced

Tulsi: an excellent herb to support healthy lymph function and thus supports healthy metabolic waste from the cells to the colon

Triphala: to the extent that a clean colon supports the balance of healthy metabolic waste, Triphala is fantastic here

Memory Formula: you may giggle at this until you realize that the two herbs in this formula, Centella and Bacopa, are also most excellent at supporting the flow of metabolic waste through micro-capillaries and the lymph

Support for Balanced Mind and Spirit

…when the mind, the senses, and the sense of self,
are lucid, clear, happy and graceful

Tulsi: known to support clarity, acuity and balance in the mind

Arjuna: known for thousands of years to make the mind sharp and the spirit strong and resilient like that of a warrior

Joy! Formula: four cognitive adaptogens that support mood and cognitive function

Peaceful Sleep Formula: without deep restorative sleep neither the mind nor the sense of self can be lucid, clear and graceful

The Coherence of Brilliance

…Then the self-abiding in the natural harmonious state
of brilliant wellness, longevity and creativity arises.

We Know This Harmony

So much is in our language, so much causative potency, and we do not even know it consciously, though in our sub-consciousness these connections are often as clear as a lover’s face. This word “harmony,” key to coherence, arises from the Greek harmos, meaning “to join, to unite,” and is defined in English to be when there is agreement and concord. Agreement is from the Latin ad gratus, meaning “to please.” It just keeps getting better as the etymology of concord arises from the Latin con, together, and cord, heart; a heart that is unified and unifying! A “pleasing unity of the heart” is what the harmony intrinsic to coherence is.

We know this harmony, and so we must ask ourselves what keeps us from this, why do we not fully choose to embrace this, to be embraced by the brilliance of coherence.

The Ignition of Coherence

Once you manage to get the terrain for coherence established, one must also then ignite this coherence into being, to trigger it, awaken it. Then coherence becomes the best generator of terrains suitable for coherence. There are many ways to accomplish this all important ignition of coherence, and so please stay tuned as I address these techniques in future newsletters and blogs.

Thank You,

Prashanti de Jager
07 August 2013
Binsar, Uttarkhand, India


Why So Many People Are Turning to Dietary Supplements

A 2008 study by Global Business Analysts, Inc., globally recognized as one of the world’s greatest marketplace analysis publishers, predicts that the world herbal supplements and remedies market will reach nearly $23 billion as this year begins. What, one may wonder is fueling such an increase in this market, especially while economies are in the throes of recession?

The report is very detailed with statistics and information coming from hundreds of sources and describes many reasons for this growth, many of which are included in the following lists:

Every year, every month in fact, more people are:

  • Becoming more conscious about their health and what it takes to support it
  • Educating themselves about alternatives
  • Educating each other
  • Engaging in preventative medicine
  • More wary of chemical and synthetic ingredients and drug formulas.
  • Self-medicating with an improved self-assurance in herbs and their curative properties
  • Within conducive demographic patterns, such as the aging child boomer population, who tend to lead the demand for herbal dietary supplements
  • Engaged in an ongoing and unrelenting search for all-natural options to conventional medicine and general wellbeing
  • Accepting the truth about the efficacy of many more herbs like Tulsi
  • Accepting their cultural heritage of using herbs for wellbeing
  • Understanding more concepts in health, like antioxidants and phytoestrogens
  • Turning to CAM (Complimentary Medicine) practitioners and heeding their advice to use herbs

Combine this with:

  • Increase in availability of high quality organic herbs, such as ORGANIC INDIA products
  • Development of novel natural products and ingredients for new indications such as prostate wellbeing, brain wellness and cognitive function, joint and connective tissue health, ORGANIC INDIA’s award-winning Immunity Formula, and options to hormone replacement treatment
  • Demand for multi-herb based medicines that address specific structures and functions is increasing
  • Naturopathy, Western herbalism, Chinese herbalism, and Ayurveda are becoming more popular
  • Hundreds of thousands of articles showing that herbs work are being published yearly in peer reviewed international scientific journals
  • Information of what really works is spreading via social media
  • More mainstream media such as Oprah, Dr. Oz and the Christian Broadcasting Network are giving more airtime to experts who are divulging the health benefits of herbs as well as herbal strategies to support various health challenges (For instance the recent appearance of Suzy Cohen on the CBN)

ORGANIC INDIA is a leader not just in providing organic, biodynamic, pure and potent herbal formulas, but also in ensuring that when you buy herbs you are participating in market driven sustainability. As more people are buying more herbs, it is all the more important that to buy those that are a product of the new win-win paradigm of business, where your dollars, euros, pounds, krowns and pesos go directly to supporting the transformation of more land from toxic deadly chemicals into organic biodynamic fair trade havens that support the earth, support the farmers, and support you.

You have the power in your hands to support planetary health while supporting your own.  Empower yourself with herbal medicine while empowering the beauty of your planet.


Tulsi, Adaptogens and Throbbing Head Pain

I know we all have experienced it, that deep throbbing “pain in the head” that just won’t stop and won’t diminish. It drives people to do all sorts of things to just make it stop. Of course most people will think that the beat of that throb is based on the beat of the heart, but it is not.

Throbbing Pain Follows Alpha Waves

I recently stumbled on a research article that proved that the pulse of that horrendous disabling beat was not that of arterial pulsations but rather was the rhythmic oscillations of the person’s alpha waves. Alpha waves, which are a type of pattern of electromagnetic pulses put out in the center of our brain by the thalamus gland, about 8 to 12 beats per minute, typically become dominant when we are in wakeful but deep relaxation. And the researchers found that the rhythm of the power of these waves, about 48 beats per minute, match the rhythm of pulsating head pain much better than the rhythm of the heart does.1

Adaptogenic Herbs Make Positive Changes to Alpha Waves via GABA

We know that adaptogens, via many mechanisms, have a positive influence on alpha waves.2 They help your brain go out of a resonance that is associated with disease and discomfort and into a resonance that is more aligned with relaxation and healing. This is also how adaptogens, even though they may seem like stimulants, can actually calm you and give you deeper and more peaceful sleep.

Tulsi is Anti-Stress as it Increases GABA

Tulsi is one of the adaptogenic herbs whose positive anti-stress and mind/brain supportive activities is carried out and modulated via GABA network of neurotransmitter support and alpha waves.3 The more GABA we have in our brain the less anxiety and stress we feel and this in turn helps to diminish negative terrains in our bodymind that hold space for disease and imbalance. This is one reason why you can go to the health food store and buy GABA right on the shelves. It is proven that Tulsi, via molecules like ursolic acid, decrease stress and anxiety by many mechanisms, including by increasing levels of GABA and decreasing levels of the enzymes that break this important neurotransmitter down.4

GABA Supports Healthy Alpha Waves

GABA is known to have a positive effect on mood while it increases cognitive functions like memory and the ability to focus and decrease of the anxiety that tends to congest our cognitive function. One of the ways that GABA does this is to enhance the positive functionality of, yup, you guessed it, alpha brain waves, as established in a recent test of 63 healthy people!5

GABA Supports Ease and Happiness while Increasing Immunity

Placebo controlled research in human clinical trials have shown that GABA induces relaxation, decreases stress, and increases cognitive function, all the while increasing our levels of positive immunity. And all of these salubrious actions were amplified when the test subject was stressed.5 Knowing that Tulsi, via its strong adaptogenic phytochemistry like ursolic acid, has a strong positive action of levels of GABA, we acquire confirmation that Tulsi also has a positive effect on the levels of alpha waves.

Tulsi Helps to Calm the Throbbing Head

So we come full circle now and see western bioscience confirmation of how Tulsi and other adaptogens can help attenuate that horrible throbbing pain that can debilitate us. And also note that when you use adaptogens long term, then, according to wellness traditions and my direct experience, the frequency and intensity of these bouts with bothersome brain beats is significantly diminished.




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Why is Sesame Oil Used in ORGANIC INDIA’s Chyawanprash?

Recently I received this question from a customer:

“Why do you add sesame oil to our Chyawanprash?  I have been checking and your Chyawanprash is the only one that has this.”

And so I reply:

Dear Friend,

There are many reasons why we add sesame oil to our Chyawanprash:

Sesame oil is in the original formula created 5,000 years ago and documented 3,000 years ago in the ancient scriptures.

Oils like ghee and sesame are required to displace all the water in the product which is one reason it has such a long-shelf life. Remember, this formula was created a few years before refrigeration was around!  Without oils you will have water in the product and this will be terrain for microbial contamination.

Many of the thousands of phytochemical constituents in Chyawanprash are oil-soluble, and so delivery of them with an oil makes them so much more bioavailable

Sesame is a bona fide superfood as it is a potent healing herb as well as a very nourishing food, so it has a very important and valid place in a formula like Chyawanprash.

We need oils to make it more of a nourishing tonic as the oil becomes a vehicle that drives the nourishment into deep reservoirs much faster than water-based vehicles. This is also why it is recommended that you take Chyawanprash with milk, either organic cow milk or organic almond milk.

You can have the best formula in the world but if it is difficult or unpleasant to consume you will not take it. So to enhance compliance, especially for children, the ancient sages made sure there was sesame in it, and ghee, to give Chyawanprash its rich, thick, smooth, inviting texture. These days that may seem to be pure marketing, but originally this is all about compliance and potency.

I have been hand-making Chyawanprash in small batches for over 20 years, I know every ingredient quite intimately, and I assure you that adding organic raw sesame oil is a real good idea. Why it is missing in other products is a mystery to me.

Thank You,



Tulsi Essential oil and Nausea

Traditionally where the whole plant is the “body” of the herb, and the alcohol tincture is the “spirit” of the herb, the essential oil is considered to be the “soul” of the herb.

There are many reasons to use Tulsi essential oil, including the fact that it supports immunity, especially in crisis situations, and it simply has a magical aroma to it.  In this blog let’s look at Tulsi essential oil and how it supports us a healthy response to nausea.

Aromatherapy Inhalations

There are many herbs, like those in Tulsi Ginger Tea, that are very effective at preventing or stopping nausea, which are fine unless the nausea prevents you from holding down liquid.  Fortunately, inhaling Tulsi Essential oil doesn’t have this problem.

Ginger essential oil, Tulsi essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil, and Mints (Peppermint essential oil, Spearmint essential oil) are excellent candidates for this.  You can put fresh aromatic plants in hot water and then breathe them in, or you can put them in a nebulizer and run that near you.

In a meta-study of sorts existing scientific evidence regarding the effects of essential oils (essential oils) administered via inhalation for the alleviation of nausea and vomiting was procured and reviewed.  Various trials with a total 328 participants were found and I quote:

‘Their results suggest that the inhaled vapor of peppermint or ginger essential oils not only reduced the incidence and severity of nausea and vomiting but also decreased antiemetic requirements and consequently improved patient satisfaction.’

So though many essential oils are excellent for this situation, Peppermint and Ginger are amongst the most documented in the Western BioScience literature, and what could be better than both of these combined?  If you look at the chemistry of Tulsi essential oil it is almost a direct combination of Ginger and Mint essential oils with a little Clove essential oil added on for good measure.  In other words, you just may experience Tulsi essential oil as simplified “one-stop-shopping” when it comes to dealing with nausea, and in these situations we all know that simple is paramount!

Best to use therapeutic grade Essential oils from a reliable essential oil company like Floracopeia or Veriditas, and of course, you can get your Tulsi essential oil from ORGANIC INDIA.

Essential oils work at all levels of being, from physical to physiological to emotional and beyond, and so I have found that combining essential oils with music is a most excellent idea!

Music Calms the Beast of Nausea

We all know of the Mozart Effect where playing divinely inspired music offers numerous wellness-centric benefits to the listener. One of those benefits is to prevent and mitigate nausea.

We know this, and if you want to have some confirmation don’t ask a doctor, just ask the nurses, like those at the University of Colorado.  They are the ones that know that:

‘When it comes to the prevention and management of postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) and post discharge nausea and vomiting (PDNV), Traditional and Complementary modalities, like acupuncture and related techniques, aromatherapy, and music therapy may be integrated in the perianesthesia nurse’s plan of care to prevent or manage PONV.’

Often the best music is that which deeply brings one into attunement with the deepest ease, and though Mozart works for me, YMMV, so find what is best or you and take it easy.


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