Satya’s Sanctuary

Bursting Out of Our Shells

It’s that wondrous time again. Birds are waking us out of our morning dreams; spring flowers are popping out of the ground and days are getting just a bit longer… ahhh. The energy of spring is just that – it puts a spring in our step.

Surprisingly, as part of the springtime energy, we may also be feeling a bit of anger- something we normally try to push away. Yet, anger can be useful if we use it in an appropriate way. Have you ever considered what kind of energy it takes for a little seedling to push itself out of the hard, recently thawed ground in order to meet the sun?

This energy is similar to the energy of a ram, moving forward and not letting anything get in its way. When we naturally tune into this energy and express it within ourselves during this time of year, it can be very productive. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a negative aspect – this energy used in a positive, proactive way can express itself as power. Power used appropriately can be profoundly helpful to us as we move through the seeming obstacles in our way in order to reach our goals.

So if you are sensing an inner stirring – an unsettled feeling that just won’t let you be, take a moment to look at what may want to sprout from within. What idea wants your attention right now? What dream do you have that is ready to be manifested? The unsettledness may effortlessly shift to that inner strength that can be used to birth this idea. Trust that and watch it grow. Nurture it in just the right way, with a balance of openness, patience and action.


Gathering Sunlight

The sun, in many ways, is beyond our human capacity to comprehend. We are just beginning to access its energy in order to power our world and we continue to discover more about its mysterious existence on almost a daily basis.

Some of us have taken the initiative to harvest the sun’s power by placing solar panels on our roofs, while most of us at least can benefit from its energy through the food that we take in. This time of year especially is full of amazing fruits and vegetables that are so colorful and delicious that we can literally taste the sun’s energy through them.

Yet, did you know that you can also consciously gather energy directly from the sun, similar to how a plant soaks in the rays? Every cell on our skin receives solar energy directly, especially in our hands, which are natural collection sites, much like solar panels.

A simple practice, called Gathering Sunlight, allows us to bring in the light of the sun directly, bypassing the process of eating to receive its energy. It is a very empowering practice, as we realize that we naturally have the ability to tap into the energy of the sun. I am in no way suggesting that we stop eating, but you may notice that using this practice will decrease your appetite a bit, since you are being fed in a different way. I welcome you to try it and let me know what you experience.

To gather energy from the sun, stand or sit in a relaxed position, preferably in a natural setting outside. Hold your arms above your head, or at a comfortable position. Face your palms toward the sun. You may also tilt your head to face the sun more fully, yet be careful not to look directly at it.

As you breathe in, imagine you are inhaling at the palms. Allow the breath to come in through the pores of the skin. The light of the sun is riding on the breath, so as you breathe, the light is moving into your body. As you breathe out, notice that the energy is moving deeper into your body. You may feel it flow into the heart center, or into the lower abdomen, a potent collection and storage center, or into other areas that may be depleted.

Simply hold your attention on the palms and on the breath, while keeping an open perception of where the energy is moving within. I also recommend sending gratitude back to the sun as you breathe and to simply notice the effect of that.

You may begin to feel the palms warming up and tingling. They may feel full as they collect the light. Be aware of what you experience as you gather the sun’s energy. Do this for as long as desired, typically 5 to 15 minutes.

I enjoy doing this practice in the early morning. It is a beautiful way to greet the day and it fills me with a radiance that I can use throughout the day.

You can also do this practice with the moon, which is reflecting the light of the sun. The moon energy has a softer, more feminine quality and is wonderful for tapping into that similar essence within. Doing this on the full moon is very potent. Gathering moonlight may especially help women become more aligned with the natural rhythms of the body.

Summer is the best time to Gather Sunlight, since the sun is so intense and the days are long. Charging our internal battery during this time of year can support us during the darker months of the year.

Allow yourself the time to build an internal relationship with our star; feeding our hearts, feeding our bodies and in turn spreading this radiant light into all aspects of our lives.


Our Personal Practice

A day can be filled with anything imaginable. It is twenty four hours of free and open time, which can include activities that we enjoy doing or ones that leave us depleted and drained.

Even if our day is filled with some things that we don’t look forward to, at least a few minutes of our day can be devoted to something that we do enjoy  – something that makes our heart sing, our mind quiet down and our body feel stronger and healthier.

I most often find myself doing breathing practices, which help me to get centered within, relaxed and recharged. Sometimes this occurs first thing in the morning, as I enjoy lying in bed for a while before rising; and sometimes this happens at night, when I feel too wound up to fall asleep right away. Sometimes, I find time in the middle of my day when it is just right to stop what I am doing and to give myself a moment for personal practice.

We all need time for ourselves – to nurture and replenish who we are. A simple practice during the day, even 5 minutes of quiet, focused breathing, can give us this important self-nurturance.

What is your daily practice?



Daily Ritual

Many of us look forward to that week off from work which we get a few times each year, to be able to relax and rejuvenate. Yet often vacations can be full of activity and may not bring us the rest that we need.

Creating daily rituals is a simple way of keeping us in balance, rested and nurtured, even when a vacation is far in the distance or full of activity. We already have many daily activities and practices, such as eating a certain breakfast, walking the dog, going to yoga class and eating dinner with our family. These small things that we do each day affect us on many levels and can be either draining or replenishing.

I try to incorporate several rejuvenating rituals into my daily routine in order to stay centered and ready to meet the day with positivity and adequate energy. Some rituals that I have incorporated which have made a difference for me are:

Awakening a little early to do a meditation practice.
Taking a morning bath instead of a shower.
Drinking a super food smoothie to start the day.
Taking time to make a healthy lunch.
Driving to work on a country road to avoid the hectic pace of the highway.
Keeping a lit salt lamp on my desk and applying essential oil to it.
Taking a walk around the block during the afternoon.
Making a fresh vegetable juice.
Reading an excerpt from an inspirational book before going to sleep.
Giving myself a quiet night once per week.

I invite you to share in these rituals and to also create ones that resonate with you.

Even doing one nurturing ritual per day can give us the sense that we are taking care of ourselves and that we are important enough to do that. Once we are out of balance, it is much harder to bring ourselves back to harmony, and we sometimes stop trying. It is at these times that we can make poor choices with diet and lifestyle, which can ultimately deplete us even more.

Everyone has their own favorite rituals and practices, and it is important to honor them and allow ourselves the time to do them. When we are rested and ready to do our work in the world, there is much more support available. Our work actually gets done easier, as if we are not actually doing it – it is simply happening through us.

The world will then meet us in this nurturance and allow it to radiate through and into all that we do.



Natural Rhythms

Deer Light by Moon Mullen

There is something so intuitive about connecting with Earth, the planet that we miraculously inhabit. Being made of its very elements, we can sense the strength of the healing energy it emits; and can connect with this by just some simple acts, such as placing our feet on the earth first thing in the morning or taking in a sunset at the end of a long day.

When we lose sight of or forget about this basic need of connecting, we can begin to get out of balance and out of synch with our own natural rhythms. Over time, this can lead to physical imbalances and other issues, such as depression, insomnia and many other challenges.

Our society is so different than it was even 100 years ago. We now travel in metal boxes and walk with rubber soled shoes on concrete, hardly ever connecting to the actual ground. We live on the surface of the planet; yet our cities are set up so that we hardly ever have to come into physical contact with the natural world. Even though nature surrounds us in our daily lives, we don’t get our hands dirty, or our feet planted, without an actual conscious effort to do so.

Earth’s healing qualities are so available to us. She offers the gifts of water, minerals, and bountiful plants and shows us the beauty of wild animals and singing birds. We can connect with this living energy by spending time with the simple things of life, such as looking at a wildflower for a few moments, watching the ocean waves crash on the shore or simply sitting on a rock in the mountains.

We are also offered a simple, yet profound, awareness when we connect with nature. Our thoughts may begin to be perceived as too loud, and may slow down a bit, as we notice the contrast of our everyday activity to nature’s world of life lived softly. Time may begin to feel irrelevant as we tune to a different rhythm of reality.

We may begin to become aware of sounds, smells and beautiful sights that we hadn’t noticed at first – ones that may have been resonating on a level that we weren’t aware of. The colors of nature may shift – the shades of green are subtle, yet immeasurable, and may become more vibrant as we notice them.

A different sense of life is present here. It may even feel as if we have entered a different world. We may begin to notice and sense our own nature as we open to this experience. We may notice the natural sway of our walk, how it resembles the sway of the trees moving with the wind. We may notice the movement of breath, or a voice which echoes the song of the birds that we pass by. We may begin to sense our natural pace (which may be slower or quicker than we think it should be), and how it mirrors the way certain flowers open at just the right moment to catch the rays of the sun.

We may sense ourselves returning to being a part of nature, not just an observer of it. And nature in turn becomes us as we settle into its state of being.

The wind touches our skin and flies up to the tops of the trees, rustling the leaves of the aspens, and back again to gently guide us along the trail. We notice the beauty that is here in this unique setting, offering what we had been seeking, which is most often peacefulness. This healing quality of nature is so available to us, simply by our noticing it. It reminds us, and mirrors to us, our own ability to allow peace to be present in every moment, however it looks.

During this beautiful time of year, when the days are warm, yet not too hot, allow yourself some time to be in nature. Allow nature to embrace you so that you become a part of it. See if it is possible to find a defined boundary between you and it. Allow what wants to be heard, and notice your ability to embrace the insights that arise. These insights often appear as a whisper, possibly through a gentle breeze or a small animal greeting you, yet they are profound and precious.

See how your life shifts when you give yourself this time to be with your self and with nature.

And time to be with nature as yourself.