An Introduction to ORGANIC INDIA’s Bowelcare Supplement

This is an introduction to the ORGANIC INDIA Bowelcare Herbal Supplement. Excellent for rejuvenating the gastrointestinal tract, Bowelcare is a warming nurturing demulcent, providing soothing support for the colon.

ORGANIC INDIA's Bowelcare formula

This formula has a very broad range of ways that it supports wellness. It was designed by Dr. Narendra Singh who, during 50 years of clinical practice where he saw an estimated 500,000 patients, tested dozens of herbs and formulas on thousands and thousands of people, and finally arrived upon this formula, which is very tried and true.

What is in the capsule

The herbs in this formula are:

  • 300 mg of Bael/Bel/Bilva/WoodApple leaves (Aegle marmelos) with triterpenoids like lupeol, phytosterols like g-sitasterol and EOs like d-limonene, cineol and phellandrene
  • 50 mg of Chandrasoor/Gardencress seeds (Lepidium sativum) with polyphenols, fatty acids, mucilage and phytosterols (g-sitasterol)
  • 25 mg of organic Psyllium/Isabgol seed husks (Plantago ovata) with fiber

Name Translation

The ancient name for this herb is Bilva, and more recently it has been called Bael or Bel. Bilva can refer to “Well Protected Auspicious Nectar,” a name that rings true to anyone who has made Beal smoothies during India’s long hot summers and experienced this herbs nectar-like effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract, not to mention the colon. A very interesting myth and etymology about Bilva is that once Parvati, the cosmic principle of deep spiritual transformation, was doing intense spiritual practices and where her sweat hit the ground a Bilva tree arose. Bilva can also be derived from the Sanskrit word bhid meaning “to break,” referring to its ability to break dysfunction apart from you.

Satisfying Elimination

Healthy digestion is the root of wellness, and when our digestion is completed by healthy elimination it is very satisfying. The Bowelcare formula offers a deep nourishing foundation to optimize this important facet of digestion and wellness.

Wellness Categories of the Bowelcare Formula

The basis of the following wellness categories is that the Bowelcare formula combines Bel leaf with Chandrasoor seeds and Psyllium husk, creating a formula gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough to be effective in balancing the digestive tract. Bel leaf is astringent and helps to pull mucus from the intestinal tract while toning the intestinal walls. Chandrasoor seeds are warming, very nutritive and demulcent, so they moisturize the intestinal mucus membranes. Psyllium adds fiber and absorbs what is required to be elimination and also helps to feed the cells of the colon. Especially in the case of an agitated and dry colon, Bowelcare combines very well with Triphala.

Colon Health

Though useful for all, because Bowelcare is warming, nourishing and demulcent, it excels in the case of dry and agitated colons and combines well with Triphala and organic Psyllium. Colon health is a big topic with a variety of facets as addressed in the following categories.

Colon Cleanse/Detox

By alternating doses of the Bowelcare Formula every few hours with our organic Psyllium and plenty of water one can accomplish a successful colon cleanse, especially by incorporating Triphala.


There are many potent molecules in this formula that support pancreatic health and function. For instance Bel leaves are well documented to support the generation and release of the pancreatic enzymes responsible for the healthy digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins; lipase, amylase and protease, respectively. Also, as dry colons are not optimal for assimilation of nutrients, warming demulcents often can improve digestion. The Bowelcare formula combines well with Trikatu, Turmeric and both the Tulsi supplement and Tulsi Tea for this.


There are many types of laxatives, and most on the market tend to be based on Senna and other herbs that are not meant to be used regularly as they cause challenges when used daily for long periods. Nutritive demulcents, such as this Bowelcare formula tend to attenuate congestion in the colon that is due to or increased by dryness, agitiation and stress. This formula is very suitable for daily and sustained use. Combines well with Triphala for this.

Sugar Balance

As I mentioned above, the Bel leaves in this formula have an extra affinity for the pancreas, and support healthy sugar metabolism in that way. There are several other mechanism as well by which the polyphenol antioxidants in this formula support optimal sugar balance, including lowering the effective glycemic index of foods. For maintaining healthy blood sugar levels this formula combines well with the Sugar Balance formula, with Turmeric and also with both the Tulsi supplement and Tulsi Tea.


All three herbs contain more than average fiber, especially, of course, the Psyllium.

Maintain Healthy Levels of Cholesterol

The phytosterols in this formula help to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. It combines well with the Heart Guard Formula and Arjuna for this.

Why is Organic India Bilva, Chandrsoor and Psyllium Superior?

Bel leaves have been considered sacred and precious for thousands of years and also are more sustainable than using the fruit. Also, ORGANIC INDIA was the first company to grow certified organic Psyllium. Conventional Psyllium is one of the most toxic items you can put in your body as so many chemicals and toxins are used in both its cultivation and its processing. So you have to use organic Psyllium or you are contributing to a much more toxic environment, both internally and externally. And in the end, there is no difference between internal and external environment.

Energetics of the Bowelcare Formula

For those interested in the energetics of this formula it balances and soothes agitated Vata, increases and balances Pitta and decreases the congestion of Kapha. It is Sattvic, and it has the pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes

Dose & Precautions

I would recommend 2-3 capsules two times daily. And as I said, it combines really well with Triphala, especially for agitated colons and weak to variable digestions. Often best taken with Tulsi Tea, which amplifies and balances almost everything you take with it.


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