Ghee is a Safe and Effective Way to Support and Optimize Pregnancy

Choosing the right diet during pregnancy can seem to be tricky, but know that for millennia in several major health traditions, Ghee has been part of that choice.

Ghee Supports All Phases of Becoming an Empowered Parent

For many reasons Ghee is great food to:

  • Prepare the “womb and seed,” the mother and father before conception
  • To support a healthy pregnancy
  • To support birth and the perinatal phase of the mother and child
  • To support the mother during lactation
  • To support both mother and father in restoration and strength

Ghee: Used for Millennia to Support Birth

Ghee’s nourishing, protective and purifying properties are traditionally used in the Ayurvedic monthly pregnancy protocols, long ago laid out by the great sages. Ghee, milk, honey, rice, dates and herbs like Shatavri and Moringa, sometimes all together in dishes redolent of kheer (rice pudding) and/or kitcheree (simple beans and rice cooked together with spices), can be great for the expectant mother to ensure her strength, calm, detoxification, and prepare her for lactation.

Turmeric and Ghee is a Famous Pre-Birth Tonic

According to ancient traditions a mother consumes Ghee during pregnancy, and also takes extra Ghee in hot milk with a little Saffron, Turmeric and honey during the last few weeks of pregnancy to ensure a healthy delivery of a strong and smart child (Ghee feeds the child’s brain at that point) and to minimize birth traumas.

Restoring the Mother after Birth

A serious challenge for mothers is to recover the core vitality that is drained from them by birth. Ghee can also support us in that process of restoration, especially when taken with tonic herbs like Licorice, Shatavri, Guduchi, Ashwaganda, Angelica, SalamPanja, Safed Musli, etc.

Of all the ways that a woman can experience a draining flux on her deep-energy reserves, childbirth is certainly one of them, as she literally gives a large portion of her life force to this being.

Let’s Not Forget the Father

In the classic model of an atom, an electron orbits the proton and neutron in the nucleus. It is like the proton and neutron are hugging incessantly, and the electron is just watching this from a distance. This is often how a father can feel for years when after birth the mother and child, who once were one, only slowly differentiate into two separate beings.

Taking care of the caretaker, the father in this case, is key. If we keep the father strong and smart and stress-free with adaptogens like Ghee and Ashwaganda in his diet then the whole family will be supported and protected by his strong stable clear masculinity. Else a stressed father can be less of a champion for his family, and conversely, more of a challenge. We absolutely have to support the father to ensure he keeps a major role in his family’s well-being.

A Wonderful Source of Authentic Traditional Knowledge

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