Our Natural Flavors are Truly Nectarous Herbal Extracts

We’ve known for decades that phrase, “natural flavors,” found at the bottom of ingredient lists on consumer products has typically been very misleading shorthand for hiding all sorts of unnatural synthetic and often toxic things in products.

High Quality Herbal Extracts

And so we really want you to know that when you see reference to “natural flavors” on our Tulsi Tea boxes you are not just getting something that is truly natural, but incredible pure nectarous extracts of high quality herbs and spices.

Certified USDA NOP Organic & European EEC Organic

All the extracts that are blended together to make our flavors are certified organic according to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) as recorded in 7 CFR § 205. They are also certified organic according to European EEC Organic standards.

Kosher Certified

All flavors are kosher as the manufacturing facility is a complete kosher house under KOF-K supervision, and all are certified as kosher parve.

All Natural and without GMOs

All ingredients are natural, none of them are synthetic, and none are made with GMO ingredients (ORGANIC INDIA is actively opposed to GMOs), and none of them are made from irradiated ingredients.

All Extract Solvents are Organic

The acceptable solvents for our organic or organic compliant flavors are water, natural ethanol (alcohol), super-critical carbon dioxide, authentic essential oil, and natural vegetable oils. No hydrocarbon solvents or halogenated solvents are ever used. Hexane extraction is another process we do not use.

Extract Processing is NOP Compliant

Not only do the herbs have to be organic, but the lab in which they are made is and must be certified organic and NOP compliant. This is important because there is no point to growing organic herbs, only to process them in machines coated with toxic residue. All of the facilities in which ORGANIC INDIA products are processed are certified organic!

It is What it Says it Is

If a flavor is named “Natural Mango Flavor,” then guess what, it will be made from organic mangos. If it says “Rose Flavor” then it is made from organic roses. Basically by adding high quality flavors we are also increasing the medicinal facets of these herbal blends.

Non-Flavor Ingredients are also High Quality

Some of the ingredients in the flavors are there for reasons other than taste, for instance citric acid (a natural preservative). Even these non-flavor ingredients are top quality.

Flavor Isolates

Isolates are products physically separated or extracted from the named source. They adhere to all current FDA and European definitions of natural flavor, they are certified organic to USDA NOP requirements and some also to EU organic requirements.

Flavor Concentrates

The concentrates are generally created during the manufacture of our distillates and then further refined. Concentrates can contribute heavy, base notes and mouth feel. They also contain many nutrients such as polyphenols and phytochemicals.

Flavor Distillates

These distillates are atmospherically distilled and contain no nutrient value, but provide excellent top notes to our flavors.

Flavor Extracts

These extracts are hydro-alcoholic extracts of the complete named herb. With proprietary extraction techniques, extracts equivalent in strength to a 16 – 20 fold vanilla extract with no concentration are achieved. This means the complete profile of the flavor remains true, intact and completely balanced. They also contain many nutrients such as polyphenols and phytochemicals. All alcohol is removed by the time the flavors are added to the teas.

The Genius of Caroline MacDougall

We know we have many of the best tasting teas in the business. Part of that is because we grow so many of the ingredients ourselves on incredible organic and biodynamic land farmed by allies that are like family to us in the context of fairly traded win-win ethical relationships. Another reason why they are great teas is that Caroline is an herbal genius and so skillfully blends our organic herb and the organic herbal extract flavors in such smooth rich full blends of deliciousness!

Support Truly Natural Flavors

People, you are the front line of activism. If you do not like synthetic chemicals in your products then tell the companies that you will not tolerate them and switch to a company that uses nectarous herb extracts as flavoring!

Thank You



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