The Coherence of Excellence

What would you think is the most important and powerful facet of wellness and longevity? Diet? Exercise? Herbs? Relationship? Mind? Environment? Spiritual practice? Yes, I agree, all of these are very important, however, there is something greater than this, literally, and by definition, greater than even the sum of these.

In this article I would like to present what I have seen to be the most remarkably magic element of both wellness and of evolution: Coherence; and how the metabolic anti-stress adaptogen Tulsi assists us in attaining this.

What is Coherence?

Coherence is a potentized unified wholeness that arises when all elements of a situation are aligned in a coherent, cogent, lucid and harmonious way such that a whole higher entity or path or state is created, and as I mentioned, one that is greater than the sum of its parts, complete with its own package of possibilities and probabilities.

Here are three examples, the Laser, the Zone, and the Love that will help clarify this incredible phenomenon that I am referring to.

Coherence as Laser

The light coming from a normal household incandescent bulb has many frequencies of light and radiates in many different directions. It is very useful, of course, but is more of a general overlay of a situation, and less of a potent creative and causal force. However, when a knowledgeable person makes a light source where all the power of that light is in the exact same frequency and going in the exact same direction, then we have laser light, which is much more powerful and opens up a vast medley of possibilities and applications.

Coherence as the Zone

Another example of coherence is when an athlete or a whole team enters what is called “the zone,” where they can’t miss a shot, can’t stop stealing the ball, and are simply impossible to defend against as they enter a state that has a flow of potential and probability that is far greater than deemed possible. In fact that state they enter is a flow, a breathtaking articulation of seeming perfection, absolute poetry in motion, a magnificent coherence of excellence.

Coherence as Love

We all have felt it or have seen it, this state of being so in love that we become untouchable by imbalance, that no cough or cold can even think of entering us, the kind of love where our immunity is supercharged, the light radiates from our every pore, our eyes see only what is positive and beautiful, and life pours into us, through us, as us. This kind of coherence, this kind of light can repel even a great crisis.

Understanding these examples helps us not only to understand coherence, but also the secret to igniting coherence into being.

What Elements Need to be in Coherence

So we know that this coherence is the result of various elements of a situation, and we know it can arise spontaneously, but how can we support its brilliant presence when it does not arise without effort? How to create a terrain suitable for this naturally arising? What are the elements that need to be in coherence? What factors need to be balanced? What constituents need to be in this epic empowered ease? What needs to be connected to create that power which shows up as personal excellence, wellness and longevity?

To answer this, let’s look back 3,000 years at the ancient definition of wellness that has been part and parcel to both Yoga and Ayurveda.

The Ancient Definition of Wellness

In the Western mass-centric models of medicine health is considered the absence of disease – health is literally defined in terms of disease. However, in traditional energy-centric systems of medicine the definition of wellness is based on the person’s highest potential:

Sam dosha, samagni, samdhatu malakriyah
Prasannatma, indriyas manah swastha iti abhidayate.
– Sushruta Samhita 24/41

What this basically means is…

Support for Balanced Constitutions

…when the anabolic, metabolic, and catabolic facets of our basic constitutions are balanced.

Though there are many herbs that will keep one of the individual types of constitution in balance, to some extent the best herbs to keep this balance are those that can keep all constitutions in balance. These include:

Tulsi: whose very name means “balance,” and is especially supportive for generating deep balance via the endocrine glands

Triphala: one of the most important formulas to keep balance, especially digestive balance which is clearly extremely important

Bowelcare: helps maintain constitutional balance in the colon

Skin Renew: healthy skin is a result of deep inner balance of the constitution, and each of the three herbs in this formula are excellent adaptogens that together balance all constitutions.

Support for Balanced Metabolism

…when our metabolism is balanced,
not too slow and not too fast,
not congestive and not overly agitated

Supporting healthy metabolism is exceedingly important for coherence and some of the best herbs for this are:

Tulsi: even in ancient myths that refer to the essence of metabolism as a God, in these very myths Tulsi is a friend and ally of these deities, and this connection is clearly proved in the Traditions and confirmed by Western bioscientists

Trikatu: the three herbs in this formula, ginger, black pepper and long pepper all significantly support healthy levels of metabolism via the generation of digestive enzymes, etc.

Triphala: though typically known as a colon cleanser, Triphala’s three herbs balance the three facets and stages of metabolism

Amalaki: this incredible superfruit is one of the best herbs for keeping the metabolism and digestion balanced between being too hot and fast or too cold and slow

Liver Kidney Formula: to the extent that metabolism is based on the wellness of Liver function and healthy blood sugar levels, this incredible formula of Dr. Narendra Singh is nectar for metabolism

Turmeric: anybody who looks into this herb for even a matter of minutes realizes what a potent support of metabolic balance this herb is

Ghee: especially from cows that are fed herbs is a fantastic source of healthy metabolism and traditionally it is said that the essence of metabolic power lives in ghee

Sugar Balance Formula: supporting healthy blood sugar levels is key to supporting healthy systemic metabolism

Support for Balanced Body Tissue

…when all the tissues in our body,
from blood plasma to muscle,
from bone marrow to nerves,
are balanced in their forms and generation

Tulsi: This remarkable herb is one of the best hematopoietic herbs, meaning it is an excellent ally to build blood

Ashwagandha: a classic herb to build solid and enduring muscle mass, reproductive tissue, and nerve tissue

Shatavri: even one of the translations of this adaptogen is to assist the generation of reproductive tissue

Moringa: having the macro-nutrients like proteins and lipids while offering a micro-nutrient profile that surpasses kale, collards and spirulina, this gentle and potent herbal ally supports the healthy generation of tissue so much that around the world it is recommended for pregnancy, the ultimate moment of “tissue” generation

Ghee: for millennia true ghee, made from organic non-grain fed free range cows, has generated a tried and true reputation for generating healthy balanced body tissue

Support for Balanced Flow of Metabolic Waste

…when the flow of metabolic waste,
from lymph to urine to sweat to feces,
is balanced

Tulsi: an excellent herb to support healthy lymph function and thus supports healthy metabolic waste from the cells to the colon

Triphala: to the extent that a clean colon supports the balance of healthy metabolic waste, Triphala is fantastic here

Memory Formula: you may giggle at this until you realize that the two herbs in this formula, Centella and Bacopa, are also most excellent at supporting the flow of metabolic waste through micro-capillaries and the lymph

Support for Balanced Mind and Spirit

…when the mind, the senses, and the sense of self,
are lucid, clear, happy and graceful

Tulsi: known to support clarity, acuity and balance in the mind

Arjuna: known for thousands of years to make the mind sharp and the spirit strong and resilient like that of a warrior

Joy! Formula: four cognitive adaptogens that support mood and cognitive function

Peaceful Sleep Formula: without deep restorative sleep neither the mind nor the sense of self can be lucid, clear and graceful

The Coherence of Brilliance

…Then the self-abiding in the natural harmonious state
of brilliant wellness, longevity and creativity arises.

We Know This Harmony

So much is in our language, so much causative potency, and we do not even know it consciously, though in our sub-consciousness these connections are often as clear as a lover’s face. This word “harmony,” key to coherence, arises from the Greek harmos, meaning “to join, to unite,” and is defined in English to be when there is agreement and concord. Agreement is from the Latin ad gratus, meaning “to please.” It just keeps getting better as the etymology of concord arises from the Latin con, together, and cord, heart; a heart that is unified and unifying! A “pleasing unity of the heart” is what the harmony intrinsic to coherence is.

We know this harmony, and so we must ask ourselves what keeps us from this, why do we not fully choose to embrace this, to be embraced by the brilliance of coherence.

The Ignition of Coherence

Once you manage to get the terrain for coherence established, one must also then ignite this coherence into being, to trigger it, awaken it. Then coherence becomes the best generator of terrains suitable for coherence. There are many ways to accomplish this all important ignition of coherence, and so please stay tuned as I address these techniques in future newsletters and blogs.

Thank You,

Prashanti de Jager
07 August 2013
Binsar, Uttarkhand, India


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