Using Ghee Triphala, Bael and Psyllium to Support Colon Dells

Key to true wellness is colon health and key to this is well fed, healed, vibrant, clean colon dells.

I was going to say “colon cell” but then I realized that “colon dells” is more appropriate, as in a whole landscape, an ecology filled with all the right elements in their right order, no more and no less!

dell |del|
noun literary
a small valley, usually among trees: lush green valleys and wooded dells.

If we think of our colon and its cells as a dell, as a biota, as a terrain of wellness as complex as that of a dell with all its birds and trees and winds, an ecosystem whose wellness is the basis of ours, then perhaps we will spend more time taking of it.

Of course, a description of how we can take care of this dell will take more than just a single essay, and so for now I want to point out just a few facets of a protocol that will help support your colon to be as healthy and balanced as possible.

Reduce Genetically-New Grains

If you have not already done so, minimize any grain whose genetics are not older than 10,000 years. More and more I see this as one of the very most factors of wellness in general, and especially to support colon health, metabolic health and the healthy response to occasional inflammation. Unless a grain can grow outside of the farmer’s fence, then consuming it may be more of a fee than a food.

Protocol: in general minimize grains, and if you must eat a grain, choose genetically-old quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat

Stress Management

Yes, I know that you have heard that a million times, I am sure may people even have stress management programs that are extremely stressful. I am not talking about protocols, I am simply talking about the ability to dissociate any stress-contraction in your mind with an ability to cause a stress-contraction in your colon. Living in India for over a decade I have a lot of experience with treating parasites, and I have noticed that the people who hold their mental stresses in their diaphragm or lower have a far greater chance of generating congestion in their colon, of sending the terrain of the dell into a dark storm. Please do not do that.

Protocol: five minutes of mindfulness in the morning, afternoon and night will change your life


Perhaps the single most important substance to take for the colon is Triphala, a sentiment that I share with billions of people who have used this formula over the last many thousands of years! Such an epic healer and promoter of deep wellness, it keeps the colon dell healthy in dozens of ways, including keeping it clean and flowing. Triphala is non-habit forming.

Protocol: Take 2-4 capsules right before bed to optimize its cleansing actions, and/or 2 capsules upon waking to optimize its strengthening tonic facets.


All the cells in the body live on glucose, except the colon cells which live on butyrate, and ghee is the #1 dietary source of very important short chain fatty acid. Without butyrate your colon cells literally shrivel up and die, and your colon dell starts looking a bit less pastoral and more apocalyptic, less feast and more famine. Ghee also adds moist lubrication to your colon, and in our day and age, there is no end to facets of life that will dry our dell out like a drought. Also, ghee is quite good, especially in combination with Triphala, Bael and Psyllium, to clean out the non-water soluble gunk in the colon, which is most of it.

Protocol: One to two tablespoons a day, in warm food, smoothies, or where ever you may use butter or other oils.


Psyllium can support the colon in many ways, not the least of which is to provide the fiber the form the bulk of our feces, and also, provide a second type of fiber that the right intestinal flora can convert into butyrate.

Protocol: Once a week thoroughly mix a tablespoon in a tall glass of warm water, drink it quickly, and then chase that with another large glass of warm water.


For years in India I tried to support the colon wellness of hundreds of tourists, travelers, yogis and dharma bums, and from those days I have a close affinity for Bael as it was often the one thing that would make a person’s tummy feel normal.

Protocol: Best is a smoothie made from the fresh fruit, but much of the chemistry of this nectar is in the Bael leaves as found in ORGANIC INDIA’s Bowelcare formula. Take 2-4 caps at night.


Water with a life force to it if possible, but just a suitable quantity is a good start.

Protocol: There are many estimates, and quantity so varies according to climate and activity, and you can drink too much, but consciously drinking 3-4 tall glasses of water a day is going to be great for you.


Especially exercise that moves your gut and of those, to me there is nothing better than what a western trainer may call “stomach whips” and what Yoga calls Agnisarah.

Protocol: 10 sets of 20 on an empty stomach, bladder, colon and lungs.


Well, may the dells of your colon thrive in increasing vitality like the robust verdant terrain of a high mountain valley.



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