Why So Many People Are Turning to Dietary Supplements

A 2008 study by Global Business Analysts, Inc., globally recognized as one of the world’s greatest marketplace analysis publishers, predicts that the world herbal supplements and remedies market will reach nearly $23 billion as this year begins. What, one may wonder is fueling such an increase in this market, especially while economies are in the throes of recession?

The report is very detailed with statistics and information coming from hundreds of sources and describes many reasons for this growth, many of which are included in the following lists:

Every year, every month in fact, more people are:

  • Becoming more conscious about their health and what it takes to support it
  • Educating themselves about alternatives
  • Educating each other
  • Engaging in preventative medicine
  • More wary of chemical and synthetic ingredients and drug formulas.
  • Self-medicating with an improved self-assurance in herbs and their curative properties
  • Within conducive demographic patterns, such as the aging child boomer population, who tend to lead the demand for herbal dietary supplements
  • Engaged in an ongoing and unrelenting search for all-natural options to conventional medicine and general wellbeing
  • Accepting the truth about the efficacy of many more herbs like Tulsi
  • Accepting their cultural heritage of using herbs for wellbeing
  • Understanding more concepts in health, like antioxidants and phytoestrogens
  • Turning to CAM (Complimentary Medicine) practitioners and heeding their advice to use herbs

Combine this with:

  • Increase in availability of high quality organic herbs, such as ORGANIC INDIA products
  • Development of novel natural products and ingredients for new indications such as prostate wellbeing, brain wellness and cognitive function, joint and connective tissue health, ORGANIC INDIA’s award-winning Immunity Formula, and options to hormone replacement treatment
  • Demand for multi-herb based medicines that address specific structures and functions is increasing
  • Naturopathy, Western herbalism, Chinese herbalism, and Ayurveda are becoming more popular
  • Hundreds of thousands of articles showing that herbs work are being published yearly in peer reviewed international scientific journals
  • Information of what really works is spreading via social media
  • More mainstream media such as Oprah, Dr. Oz and the Christian Broadcasting Network are giving more airtime to experts who are divulging the health benefits of herbs as well as herbal strategies to support various health challenges (For instance the recent appearance of Suzy Cohen on the CBN)

ORGANIC INDIA is a leader not just in providing organic, biodynamic, pure and potent herbal formulas, but also in ensuring that when you buy herbs you are participating in market driven sustainability. As more people are buying more herbs, it is all the more important that to buy those that are a product of the new win-win paradigm of business, where your dollars, euros, pounds, krowns and pesos go directly to supporting the transformation of more land from toxic deadly chemicals into organic biodynamic fair trade havens that support the earth, support the farmers, and support you.

You have the power in your hands to support planetary health while supporting your own.  Empower yourself with herbal medicine while empowering the beauty of your planet.


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