Tulsi Essential oil and Nausea

Traditionally where the whole plant is the “body” of the herb, and the alcohol tincture is the “spirit” of the herb, the essential oil is considered to be the “soul” of the herb. There are many reasons to use Tulsi essential oil, including the fact that it supports immunity, especially in crisis situations, and it… read more

Western Science confirms Chyawanaprash is an Epic Adaptogenic Panacea

The mythology tell us that the original Chyawanaprash was created by the physicians of the Gods to ensure the youthfulness and longevity of the great sage Chyawana. Mythology also tells us that it worked as the 200 year-old sage became a vibrant and vital man when he consumed this ‘prash, this herbal jam. Though we… read more

The Traditional and Modern Uses of Neem

I have to laugh a little at how misleading that title is, as it makes you believe that you might be about to read an exhaustive list of the uses of this incredible healing tree. Alas, this blog only skims the surface, partly because there is so much to express here and this is just… read more

Skin Renew – Ancient Widsom for Beautiful Skin

There is no doubt that beautiful skin has to come from within first and foremost. Then it is therapeutic, whereas throwing money in the form of expensive ineffective creams at your face is symptomatic at best and possibly deleterious in the long term. So people, another case in point: take your herbs! Also, did you… read more

Our Natural Flavors are Truly Nectarous Herbal Extracts

We’ve known for decades that phrase, “natural flavors,” found at the bottom of ingredient lists on consumer products has typically been very misleading shorthand for hiding all sorts of unnatural synthetic and often toxic things in products. High Quality Herbal Extracts And so we really want you to know that when you see reference to… read more

Turmeric’s Uses, Systems and Energetics

Traditional and Modern Uses Many doctors in India consider Turmeric to be the best all-around herb of the Ayurvedic and Yogic traditions. Suitable for all constitutions, its warming pungency balances Vata and Kapha and its bitter and sweet tastes balance Pitta. Western science confirms this with over 10,000 scientific articles available, reinforcing 6,000 years of… read more

Where Turmeric Thrives

By now most people have heard about Turmeric and its incredible actions and uses in supporting our enduring wellness, but I wonder how many people know what this plant ally looks like and where it originally comes from. After a quick etymological tour, allow me to tell you about our Turmeric which is available in… read more

The Story of What is the Why of Tulsi

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, two weeks last Tuesday in fact, an ancient future primitive teacher of yoga was walking up Broadway in his ocher robes and matching reeboks. As the Times Square of dawn commenced he noticed a very rare and special herb magically appearing in a matted son’s square… read more

The Truth about Thyroid, Liver, Blood, and Phytoestrogen Balance

Recently, after I posted a blog that described which herbs decrease thyroid function and which increase it, a friend came to me upset because one of her favorite herbs was listed in the category of decreasing, and she was of the opinion that she did not want her thyroid function to decrease. It took a… read more