What is Tulsi?

For years when any of us served Tulsi at events such as conventions, expos, symposiums, etc, we were constantly asked, “What is Tulsi?” Most people thought the name was the brand and had no idea that it is one of the world’s greatest and most cherished herbs. Let me give a quick summary: Tulsi is… read more

Svedhana: Healing with Heat

PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO SVEDHANA AND HEAT THERAPIES Introduction I doubt that any culture ever existed in any hominid going back to H. erectus that did not use heat as a healing therapy.  Even holding an injury with our own hands is a form of healing with heat.  As one would expect of the ancient… read more

Bursting Out of Our Shells

It’s that wondrous time again. Birds are waking us out of our morning dreams; spring flowers are popping out of the ground and days are getting just a bit longer… ahhh. The energy of spring is just that – it puts a spring in our step. Surprisingly, as part of the springtime energy, we may also… read more

Strong Lung Herbs Tend to be Thyroid Herbs

People who can see the world more as a continuum of phenomena that is fundamentally energetic, as opposed to endless examples of discrete separate objects that are fundamental mass, often cognize interesting mirrors that reflect each other in the great scheme of things.  One such man that comes to mind is Odysseus standing on the… read more

Herbs Proven to Directly Support the Thyroid

This list will help you determine which thyroid herbs will help you the most depending on your constitution and digestion. Though I have not included footnotes in this blog, all of these statements are derived from research pubished in international peer reviewed scientific journals. Herbs That Support Decreases in Thyroid Hormones The following herbs have… read more

What the Thyroid Does for Us

We know that metabolism is possibly the most important factor that determines the state of our wellness, energy, beauty, you name it! Here are just a few of the ways that the thyroid supports functions all over the body, and how the thyroid and its hormones are effected by other substances. The Thyroid / Blood… read more

Harmonizing Sexuality with Licorice

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is an incredible herb, one of the world’s most used and most useful medicines without a doubt. Via several mechanisms produced by both saponins and phytoestrogens, Licorice influences sexuality and hormones differently in each gender. Glycyrrhizic acid, a triterpenoid saponin, is partly responsible for its actions on hormones. The estrogenic compounds in… read more

What do Soap and Sex Have in Common? Sapogins!

Central to the salubrious actions of many adaptogens and aphrodisiacs are a talented type of phytomolecule collectively called sapogenins. Sapogenins are lipid-soluble oft-bitter steroidal phytomolecules, the non-sugar half of sapogins, containing steroidal structures. They are strongly adaptogenic, immune-stimulant and also, as they are so similar in structure to steroidal hormones found in humans, they appear… read more

Luckily, We are All on Steroids

Both male and female sexuality is based on steroids. I know, I know, scandals involving the likes of Barry and Lance have certainly given steroids a pretty bad name, but the truth is that steroids are absolutely essential to our survival, and the basis of our sexuality. In 1775, Conradi found an interesting substance in… read more

Both Ashwagandha and Shatavari Enhance Male Sexuality

Often I am asked, by men and women, about which herbs a man should consume to enhance his sexuality. A standard answer that continually yields great results is the combination of Ashwagandha and Shatavari. These two excellent adaptogenic herbs make a great synergistic team that promotes many facets of wellness including a sexuality that is… read more